Seminar & Workshop

Lighting portraits with artificial source has been the Achilles’ heel of many photographers, and is often the hurdle they need to overcome so that they may bring their photography to the next level. 

Strobe lighting for example has many misconceptions that if not corrected will often lead you to the wrong path. The mastery of lighting with the correct foundations is what differentiates the beginner from the advanced photographer. 

Allow me to impart with you my over 20 years of experience and fascination working with lights. 

In this seminar we will cover the following topics: 

1. Basic Photography refresher 
2. Types of lights 
3. Light attachments (softbox, umbrella and etc.) 
4. Main light a. Portrait lighting techniques 
5. Working with multiple lights 
6. Proper use of the fill light 
a. Lighting ratio 
b. Fill light placement 
7. Dissecting a lighting set-up 
a. Quality vs. Quantity 
8. Measuring strobes 
a. Hands-on with the flash meter
9. Live photo shoot with Model Raven

For more info or to reserve your slot:
Ken 0908-6082483

Nova 0922-2523716
376-9845 / 413-2257 Loc.114